FBN: Making Money with Charles Payne

As if!  In the greenroom with Dionne from Clueless.


Adam Carolla: Take a Knee Podcast

Chatting with Adam about childhood, career, lessons from growing up around entrepreneurs, learning to take risks. http://adamcarolla.com/archive/

CNBC: Squawk on the Street

Chatting presidential politics with CNBC


Real Time with Bill Maher


The Adam Carolla Show

2016-03-11-mehta-566x239Taking economy, presidential politics and torque ratios with Adam and the gang. Catch the episode 

Quartz: Real life is for March. How to take a leap (on leap day)

boywater (1)By Sarah Todd

The NBC comedy 30 Rock has a lot of good advice for viewers: Live every week like it’s Shark Week. Always change into a tuxedo after six. But perhaps the most important lesson to be gleaned from Tina Fey’s now-retired series comes from its reimagining of Leap Day. In the world of 30 Rock, Feb. 29 is a joyful, devil-may-care national holiday chockfull of traditions—the most important of which is seizing the extra day that comes every four years to break out of your comfort zone. Read more

CNBC: Put a stock in it

Chatting with CNBC about gifting stock to millenials. Read more at CNBC.com

WSJ: Why Financial Infidelity is a Plague on Many Modern Marraiges


MONICA MEHTA: Secret spending among spouses is practically an underground economy. A study by CreditCards.com suggests that one in five adults has concealed a purchase of $500 or more from a significant other. A 2012 study of 23,000 adults,  conducted by Today.com and Self.com, pegged the percentage of married people who keep money secrets from their spouse at 46%. Read more

Real Time with Bill Maher

The schwartz was definitely with us!


Fox Business: Making Money with Charles Payne