Monica mehta is an engaging speaker
who presents on

Women & Professional Success
The Immigrant Entrepreneur
The Economy & Job Creation
Entrepreneurial Risk Taking

“Monica brings every topic she talks about to vibrant, meaningful life. At BlogHer Entrepreneurs she told personal stories intermingled with fascinating bioscience, explaining the Entrepreneurial Instinct. She carries her knowledge and brilliance in a warm, engaging manner, which makes her an inspiring speaker.” Stacy Morrison, Editor in Chief, BlogHer

“Monica Mehta offered unique and important insights about the economy and the way workers and firms think about these consequential times at The Atlantic’s Economy Summit.  She was a dynamic speaker who engaged the audience and made complicated economic topics relatable for attendees. I highly recommend Monica, and we look forward to working with her again on future projects.” Steve Clemons, Editor in Chief, The Atlantic LIVE

“Her knowledge about the entrepreneurial process combined with her energetic delivery makes her a superb speaker.  Monica’s talk on entrepreneurial leaps was an overwhelming success.” Amy Cooper, Program Director, Conference for Women

“Monica was one of the most favorably mentioned speakers at our recent conference for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her personal storytelling, interspersed with well-curated scientific research, provided us all with tangible insights into how we could be more effective, fulfilled business builders. Women left the session inspired!” Jory Des Jardins, Co-Founder, BlogHer

“Monica is an inspiring writer and speaker on entrepreneurship. Through a combination of extensive research on brain chemistry and interviews with entrepreneurs, Monica takes both a scientific and anecdotal approach to what it takes to start a successful business. She is both thoughtful and realistic.  Her insights help all people in business, not just aspiring entrepreneurs, understand their personal strengths and weaknesses. Monica’s analytics and stories make entrepreneurship accessible and allow her to connect with audiences of all kinds. In a room of successful women including lawyers, accountants, business managers, bankers and fashion designers, each one of us learned something new and were impressed by Monica’s intellect.” Aliya Sahai, Alliance Bernstein

For speaking inquiries please email mm@seventhcapital.com


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