10 Superfoods That Super Charge Entrepreneurial Performance

Conquering the world can get tiring.  What better to power the tireless entrepreneurial superhero than stress busting super foods.

A large part of your entrepreneurial success results from your ability to handle stress. By practicing controlled breathing, positive self-talk, and yoga you can train your brain to interpret stress more effectively. You can jump start this process by incorporating these foods into your day.

1.  Almonds
2.  Fish
3.  Broccoli
4.  Whole-Grain Rice Or Pasta
5.  Sushi
6.  Milk
7.  Cantaloupe And Cottage Cheese
8.  Beef
9.  Fortified Breakfast Cereal
10. Blueberries

Read more about these dietary essentials at  AskMen.com


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