Podcast: The New Adventures of Tony Ding-a-ling (Episode 1)

In this episode, Monica chats with syndicated political columnist Bob Franken and comedian Chris Griggs about Anthony Weiner’s very bad week. We then discuss a report that Wellpoint Heathcare is seeing a significant drop in small businesses renewing health plans ahead of ACA deadline.  Finally, as Sept budget talks loom, approval ratings of president and congress at all time lows. Listen or download the podcast here (25 min) Listen or Download on Soundcloud


One response to “Podcast: The New Adventures of Tony Ding-a-ling (Episode 1)

  1. David (austin, tx)

    It’s great to see you back on Carolla’s show! You’re one of the few that are able to actually get a cogent message through without getting run over.. Instant subscriber to your pod.

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