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BusinessWeek: Using a Joint Venture to Expand

Bloomberg BusinessWeek
By Monica Mehta

Small businesses can benefit from formal and informal partnerships. Both sides should be clear on the terms of the deal from the start

In an environment where capital is scarce, I urge small business owners to consider collaborating with other businesses to reach new customers or broaden their offerings without the cost of developing additional expertise or hiring more employees. Unlike a merger, a joint venture lets two companies maintain separate identities. They can enter into the partnership understanding that it may be short-lived and predicate the steps to unwind it. To give you a sense of how such arrangements work, I spoke recently with two entrepreneurs who described the nuances and offered their advice.

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ABC News Video: Starting a business with partners

ABC News

Monica Mehta gives advice on ABC News on starting a business with a partner.

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BusinessWeek: Startup Solutions – Dividing the Equity

BusinessWeek SmallBiz

By Monica Mehta

Building a business is not unlike baking a pie, except that the ingredients aren’t sugar and flour but intangibles such as a great idea, strategy, and execution (cash helps, too). But with multiple founders showing up with different contributions at different times, it’s hard to know how to split the pie, especially before it has been baked. How much should be given to the guy bringing the sugar vs. the one with the strawberries? What about the gal who came up with the idea to make dessert in the first place? (Read More)