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Apple’s wild ride

Apple’s stock has had its shares of ups and downs in the past two months. Overvalued or priced just right?  Monica Mehta speaks with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.


Santorum “May as well vote for Obama” comment may mark turning point in this race

Santorum scrambles to explain himself after suggesting that voters may as well vote for the president, if he does not win the Republican nomination.   Fortune magazine’s Adam Lashinsky, fund manager Jonathan Hoenig and columnist Monica Mehta weigh in with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

Romney struggles to maintain lead

Apparently trying grits does not win votes in the South.  Romney gets the bronze in Tues night primaries in Alabama and Mississippi.  Republican strategist Noelle Nikpour and finance expert Monica Mehta weigh in on the latest primary results on Fox & Friends.

Can a technology bull revive the economy?

Yelp stock rises more than 60% in its first day of trading.  As internet IPOs add excitement to the markets, investors speculate if a booming technology sector can revive economy at large.  Monica Mehta, Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky and trader Jonathan Hoenig speak with Fox’s Neil Cavuto to discuss the day’s news making stories.

Is a Southwest Airline bankruptcy around the corner?

Airline bankruptcies are a tale as old as time.  Southwest has lost a  historical cost advantage it once enjoyed, as its labor costs per seat have risen by 32% while competitors have used bankruptcy to beat expenses down.  Today, southwest’s labor costs exceed its competition by 10-20%.  Unless they can collectively find a way to get passengers to pay more, labor is looking at a haircut, by cooperation or force.  We discussed this and more on Tuesday’s  Power & Money with David Asman.

Are latest employment numbers a sign of recovery?

These days, we’ll take any good news we can get, but is the latest drop in unemployment a sign of a material shift?  Simple math says not.  If we are to keep the latest report’s pace for new jobs, that’s 120K created in November, it would still take 9 years to get the 13.5MM people without jobs new opportunities.   I discussed this and more with Neil Cavuto on Dec 3rd.

China is getting into the vaccination business

China has a dodgy history for quality control. Regardless, there is a great societal benefit from lowering to cost of certain drugs.  For example, A cure for polio was discovered more than 60 years ago, but in parts of the world thousands of people loose their lives to it.   It was a lively Power Panel with Democratic strategist Sascha Burns, Boxing promoter Bob Arum, Seventh Capital’s Monica Mehta and an always insightful David Asman.

Will the consumer save Christmas?

A tough economy combined with a consumer focused on value combined and technology advances that enable bargain hunting ensures that Black Friday remains a circus for years to come.  Retailers try to out-discount each other to get their share of consumer wallets.  We discussed this and more on the Power and Money Black Friday special retail show.

China to ban unemployable college majors

China to ban college majors where 60% of graduates cannot find employment over a two year period.  Atleast we won’t be hearing about Chinese sociology majors taking jobs from hardworking American sociology majors.  While undoubtedly radical, the story flags a disturbing skills gap we face in America. While 14MM seek employment, 3.2MM jobs go unfilled at an annual  economic value of $100B.   We discussed this and more on Tuesday’s Power and Money with David Asman.

Do unions have the right to force parents who receive medicare to care for handicapped kids at home to pay union dues?

Have unions gone too far? Fox Business uncovers a disturbing case in Michigan in which families that receive government assistance to care for handicapped kids at home find their medicare checks to suddenly include union membership dues to SEIU.  ‘Power & Money’ host David Asman talks about the effect of forced unionization in Michigan with Seventh Capital’s Monica Mehta, former Clinton advisor Jason Schechter and Tea Party 365 Sirius XM host David Webb.