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Ten Brain Boosting Superfoods

Dopamine plays a critical role in regulating your mood, emotions, ability to make smart decisions, and sleep.  An easy way to stimulate your brain to produce more of this wonder chemical is to eat the right snacks. Understanding the effects of food on our mood and ability to make smart decisions is the first step to seeing results.

Saturated fats, for example, reduce dopamine levels as well as clog arteries. Stay clear of McDonalds and Oreos.  This will have a profound effect on your mood.  While coffee is necessary to get the cognitive juices flowing be aware that caffeine boosts the production of serotonin while lowering dopamine levels. Aim for one cup a day.

Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. Free radicals lower dopamine levels in the body and foods rich in antioxidants will keep these levels high.  Incorporate these 10 foods into your day to boost dopamine levels naturally and quickly.

1.  Bananas
2.  Red Beans
3.  Blueberries
4.  Cranberries
5.  Artichokes
6.  Prunes
7.  Strawberries
8.  Raw almonds
9.  Sunflower seeds
10. Sesame Seeds