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HBO Real Time with Bill Maher: Sequestered

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Visiting with Bill Maher on the sequester deadline was exactly as fun as it looks. Pictured here with CA Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom, McCain ’08 campaign manager Steve Schmidt, Bill Maher, Snoop Lion, security expert James Lyne and Bishop Don Juan.


MSNBC: How to Build Your Business Network Online

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How do you build financial efficiencies in your small business?  What’s the best way to use offline networking skills online?  LearnVest.com CEO Alexa von Tobel and Monica Mehta discussed this and more with Your Business host JJ Ramberg.  Watch the video

Entrepreneur Mag: Why Our Brains Like Short-Term Goals


Put an end to failed New Years resolutions by setting goals your brain likes.  Check out my recent story for Entrepreneur Magazine based on the science covered in The Entrepreneurial Instinct.  Read more here

Fox News: Consumers Spend Less in Oct

FoxNews Your World Nov 2012
After months of increases, latest consumer spending data shows a decline for  October.  An understandable outcome from super storm Sandy or sign of greater economic weakness? Monica Mehta breaks down the latest retail number with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

FoxNews: Retail Sales Spike in Sept

Sept sales spike 1.1%. Is the American consumer back or spending more for basic necessities.  Monica discussed the details behind the retail sales headlines with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

INC Magazine: Day Dream Your Way To Success. Really!

By Monica Mehta.  What we can learn from Susie Crippen, who used visualization to quit her waitressing job, get out of debt, and build JBrand in an $80MM jeans empire.

For the entrepreneurial underdog, day dreaming with your eyes open can hold the key to realizing the seemingly unacheiveable. Your mind actually has a hard time distinguishing things you are doing now from actions you anticipate and memories of the past. That’s why visualization is so powerful. As you visualize yourself accomplishing a goal, your brain can’t really tell if you’re remembering something you’ve already done or planning for something you will do.

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MSNBC (VIDEO): Can Instinct Make You a Better Entrepreneur?

Plenty of entrepreneurs skip the years of planning, business school and still find success.  Is it a fluke or a different kind of formula? MSNBC Your Business host JJ Ramberg chats with Monica Mehta about her new book The Entrepreneurial Instinct and the role of instinct in entrepreneurial success.

Forbes: Training Your Mind to Become Entrepreneurial

By Dan Schwabel

Her new book is called The Entrepreneurial Instinct: How Everyone Has the Innate Ability to Start a Successful Small Business. In the below interview, she talks about how anyone can be an entrepreneur, lists the top traits of all great entrepreneurs, and more.

How do you define the entrepreneurial instinct? Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

The entrepreneurial instinct is the mental toughness that is required to make something from nothing. It is the mindset that allows you to take smart risks, thrive in ambiguity and bounce back from failure. It’s the reason why the team that looks good on paper doesn’t always win and why the drop out becomes a billionaire – we hear that story over and over again.

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INC Magazine: Shane Battier and Your Winning Streak

By Monica Mehta. Entrepreneurs can leverage the same brain chemistry that helped the Miami Heat’s Shane Battier shine in the NBA finals. Here’s how.

In business, sports, or anything else, getting on a hot streak isn’t luck. It’s physiological.  If you can understand how the brain processes success and failure, you can create your own winning streak, jump-starting your productivity.

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Blogher: Five Tips to Better Risk Taking

Entrepreneurs know how to take risks. Do you?  Most people generally consider risk to be a four letter – something to be avoided and planned around at all costs.   However, researchers that study entrepreneurial achievement have found that your ability to become the next Steve Jobs is determined in large part by your comfort level with risky decisions.

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