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MSNBC (VIDEO): Can Instinct Make You a Better Entrepreneur?

Plenty of entrepreneurs skip the years of planning, business school and still find success.  Is it a fluke or a different kind of formula? MSNBC Your Business host JJ Ramberg chats with Monica Mehta about her new book The Entrepreneurial Instinct and the role of instinct in entrepreneurial success.


Bloomberg Rewind (VIDEO): Brain Chemistry and the Entrepreneurial Mind

Harvard Business School Vice Dean Rob Kaplan, Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson and Entrepreneurial Instinct author Monica Mehta discuss the inner working of the entrepreneurial mind and the role of behavior and brain chemistry in taking smart risks.

BloombergTV (VIDEO): Entrepreneurs Wired to Take Risks

Deidre Bolton of BloombergTV Money Moves and author Monica Mehta discuss how entrepreneurs’ minds are wired to take risks.