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Are latest employment numbers a sign of recovery?

These days, we’ll take any good news we can get, but is the latest drop in unemployment a sign of a material shift?  Simple math says not.  If we are to keep the latest report’s pace for new jobs, that’s 120K created in November, it would still take 9 years to get the 13.5MM people without jobs new opportunities.   I discussed this and more with Neil Cavuto on Dec 3rd.


Fox: What’s next for stocks?

Monica Mehta Seventh Capital

Quantitative easing is officially history, yet the market roars forward?  Is it a sign of better times to come or a baseless rally on a light week of trading? Monica Mehta speaks with Fox’s Neil Cavuto on the outlook for stocks in the second half of 2011.

Fox: Monica chats with Neil Cavuto

Monica Mehta Seventh Capital Fox

Democrats and Republicans in the NJ Senate approve a plan to reform healthcare and pension contributions by public workers. Monica returns to the Cavuto All Star Panel to discuss the implications for other states.

Fox: Will consumers buy electric cars?

A new Gallup poll shows majority of consumers have no interest in buying electric cars. Monica Mehta speaks with Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto on the future of the electric car.

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Fox: Are public unions loosing influence?

Monica Mehta Fox Business

Monica returns to Fox Business Cavuto to discuss growing M&A activity and the declining influence of public unions with legislators.

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Fox: Monica speaks with Neil Cavuto

Monica Mehta Seventh Capital Fox Business

The government considers shedding its remaining investment in GM at a steep loss. Monica joins Neil Cavuto and the All Star Panel to discuss the implications of a GM stock sale at current prices.

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