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Apple’s wild ride

Apple’s stock has had its shares of ups and downs in the past two months. Overvalued or priced just right?  Monica Mehta speaks with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

Fox: What’s next for stocks?

Monica Mehta Seventh Capital

Quantitative easing is officially history, yet the market roars forward?  Is it a sign of better times to come or a baseless rally on a light week of trading? Monica Mehta speaks with Fox’s Neil Cavuto on the outlook for stocks in the second half of 2011.

Fox: Monica chats with Neil Cavuto

Monica Mehta Seventh Capital Fox

Democrats and Republicans in the NJ Senate approve a plan to reform healthcare and pension contributions by public workers. Monica returns to the Cavuto All Star Panel to discuss the implications for other states.

Fox: What next for the markets?

Fox Business Monica Mehta

After six down weeks for the market, are we turning the corner or facing greater declines ahead? Monica Mehta returns to the Bulls & Bears expert panel to discuss the outlook for stocks and investments that make sense in volatile times.

Fox: Internet bubble 2.0?

Monica Mehta speaks with Fox Business anchors Shibani Joshi and Charles Payne on the LinkedIn IPO and possibilities of a new technology bubble

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Fox: Japan Crisis. How long will markets stay rocky?

Monica Mehta Seventh Capital Fox Business

Monica returns to the Fox Business Bulls & Bears expert panel to discuss volatility for the stock market post Japan catastrophe.

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Fox: Market Volatility on Rise

Monica Mehta Fox Business Bulls & Bears

Monica on Fox Bulls and Bears with Liz Claman and David Asman discussing stock market volatility.