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Fox Business: Friends Flee Facebook

Monica Mehta 042913

Facebook is losing users left and right in the US and Europe, with 7.5MM members dropping off the site last month alone for competitors like Instagram.  But are we really all that surprised?  Afterall, there’s no commandment that reads ‘thou shalt always use Facebook for your social networking needs.’  Although western countries appear saturated, the company is experiencing robust adoption in emerging markets including India and Brazil, each with about 60MM users to date and plenty of room for more friends.  While there’s no reason to believe the social media giant will disappear anytime soon, nothing lasts forever in the technology.  Just ask Chris DeWolfe or Tom Anderson (if you’re Alta Vista’ing those, I rest my case).   I discussed this and more with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.


Fox Business: Breaking the Cycle of Fiscal Dysfunction

monica mehta writerDebt battle lines are redrawn as inauguration glow dims and Washington goes back to work.  Will politicians find a way to work together to shore up our fiscal house?  Monica discusses this and more with Neil Cavuto.

Fox Business: What’s next for markets?

Summer has been anything but sleepy, thanks to our friends across the Atlantic. Will the mess in Europe creep further West? I discussed market predictions and more with Neil Cavuto and the Fox Business All Stars

Fox Business Cavuto: A Tax on Fido (Mamma Mia!)

Italian Parliament actually debated a bill to start taxing pets (well, their owners to be more exact), in order to bridge fiscal shortfalls.  Instead of drawing a line in the sand and dealing with their underlying spending problem, ideas like this are hair brained enough to be worthy of the Scooby Doo crew.  Is this state of desperation a vision of the future for America? I discussed this and more with Neil Cavuto and Fox Business All Stars.

Apple’s wild ride

Apple’s stock has had its shares of ups and downs in the past two months. Overvalued or priced just right?  Monica Mehta speaks with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

Does an ‘all you can fly airline’ have wings?

It’s great to see some creativity in the aviation space, and not just with new ways to jam passengers with fees. Upstart Surf air is launching regional service between Los Angeles and San Francisco following a membership only all you can fly model that is sure to turn heads.  Monica Mehta speaks with Fox Business’s Elizabeth MacDonald to discuss this and more.

Santorum “May as well vote for Obama” comment may mark turning point in this race

Santorum scrambles to explain himself after suggesting that voters may as well vote for the president, if he does not win the Republican nomination.   Fortune magazine’s Adam Lashinsky, fund manager Jonathan Hoenig and columnist Monica Mehta weigh in with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

Can a technology bull revive the economy?

Yelp stock rises more than 60% in its first day of trading.  As internet IPOs add excitement to the markets, investors speculate if a booming technology sector can revive economy at large.  Monica Mehta, Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky and trader Jonathan Hoenig speak with Fox’s Neil Cavuto to discuss the day’s news making stories.

Is the economy starting to become Obama’s friend?

We’re seeing some good economic news lately. Does it mean we’ve turned the corner with the economy?  I for one think we need to take the latest indicators with a grain of salt.  The latest economic figures (+325K jobs) are riddled with caveats,  including seasonal employment, end of year accounting adjustments.  Americans are still not spending, maxing credit cards to pay for gas and rent, and Europe remains one hot mess.

Toyota’s new hybrid car vastly outsells the Volt

New Toyota hybrid Aqua ½ the price of Volt and already has pre-orders 10X Volt sales this year.  What does that tell us about govt. ability to pick winners and losers?