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Is the economy starting to become Obama’s friend?

We’re seeing some good economic news lately. Does it mean we’ve turned the corner with the economy?  I for one think we need to take the latest indicators with a grain of salt.  The latest economic figures (+325K jobs) are riddled with caveats,  including seasonal employment, end of year accounting adjustments.  Americans are still not spending, maxing credit cards to pay for gas and rent, and Europe remains one hot mess.


Toyota’s new hybrid car vastly outsells the Volt

New Toyota hybrid Aqua ½ the price of Volt and already has pre-orders 10X Volt sales this year.  What does that tell us about govt. ability to pick winners and losers?

China to ban unemployable college majors

China to ban college majors where 60% of graduates cannot find employment over a two year period.  Atleast we won’t be hearing about Chinese sociology majors taking jobs from hardworking American sociology majors.  While undoubtedly radical, the story flags a disturbing skills gap we face in America. While 14MM seek employment, 3.2MM jobs go unfilled at an annual  economic value of $100B.   We discussed this and more on Tuesday’s Power and Money with David Asman.