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Are we better off than we were four years ago?

While we can’t exactly have Doc  Brown fire up the Delorean to change the past,  the last four years have provided valuable lesson for Americans.  Now more than ever we need leadership that is focused on creating jobs first and foremost.  Fox’s David Asman and the power panel discussed this and more on Tuesday’s Power & Money.


China is getting into the vaccination business

China has a dodgy history for quality control. Regardless, there is a great societal benefit from lowering to cost of certain drugs.  For example, A cure for polio was discovered more than 60 years ago, but in parts of the world thousands of people loose their lives to it.   It was a lively Power Panel with Democratic strategist Sascha Burns, Boxing promoter Bob Arum, Seventh Capital’s Monica Mehta and an always insightful David Asman.

China to ban unemployable college majors

China to ban college majors where 60% of graduates cannot find employment over a two year period.  Atleast we won’t be hearing about Chinese sociology majors taking jobs from hardworking American sociology majors.  While undoubtedly radical, the story flags a disturbing skills gap we face in America. While 14MM seek employment, 3.2MM jobs go unfilled at an annual  economic value of $100B.   We discussed this and more on Tuesday’s Power and Money with David Asman.

Fox: Preparing your portfolio for event risks

Monica Mehta Seventh Capital Fox

Is the market pricing in a potential blow-up in the Greek debt crisis or a possible failure to raise the US debt ceiling? Monica Mehta joins the Fox Business Bulls & Bears expert panel to discuss the chances of these events happening and how to bulletproof your portfolio.

Fox: What next for the markets?

Fox Business Monica Mehta

After six down weeks for the market, are we turning the corner or facing greater declines ahead? Monica Mehta returns to the Bulls & Bears expert panel to discuss the outlook for stocks and investments that make sense in volatile times.

Fox: Who’s to blame for high oil prices?

Monica Mehta Seventh Capital Fox Business

With cost per gallon still north of $4 in most parts of the country, consumers are feeling pain at the pump.  Monica returns to Fox Bulls & Bears to discuss the factors behind high oil prices.

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Fox: China’s Impact to Our Economy

Monica Mehta Fox Business Bulls & Bears FBN

Monica Mehta returns to the Bulls and Bears expert panel to discuss US and China relations and impact to the broader economy.