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Fox Business: Have big banks learned their lesson?

Were the bank bailouts a mistake or an essential? It was a point that the Fox All Stars couldn’t remotely agree upon.  Whether financial reform enacted since Lehman has helped Washington put on a good face with the pubic on enact meaningful change on Wall Street is also yet to be determined.  The Fox All Stars discussed this and more with Neil Cavuto.


Fox: What next for the markets?

Fox Business Monica Mehta

After six down weeks for the market, are we turning the corner or facing greater declines ahead? Monica Mehta returns to the Bulls & Bears expert panel to discuss the outlook for stocks and investments that make sense in volatile times.

Fox: Who’s to blame for high oil prices?

Monica Mehta Seventh Capital Fox Business

With cost per gallon still north of $4 in most parts of the country, consumers are feeling pain at the pump.  Monica returns to Fox Bulls & Bears to discuss the factors behind high oil prices.

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