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Bloomberg Rewind (VIDEO): Brain Chemistry and the Entrepreneurial Mind

Harvard Business School Vice Dean Rob Kaplan, Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson and Entrepreneurial Instinct author Monica Mehta discuss the inner working of the entrepreneurial mind and the role of behavior and brain chemistry in taking smart risks.

BloombergTV (VIDEO): Entrepreneurs Wired to Take Risks

Deidre Bolton of BloombergTV Money Moves and author Monica Mehta discuss how entrepreneurs’ minds are wired to take risks.

Podcast: Plan for an Evolution

“It’s not much good having a map if you can’t see the road and don’t even know where you want to go,” said Monica in a free teleclass for the Texas Conference for Women. “If evolution is the norm, then the way you prepare for the journey must accommodate the unexpected.”  In this free 20 min podcast catch best practices from Monica on starting a business with instinct.

Listen to a Free 20 Min Podcast

OneThingNew: How to Take a Risk

Great story from OneThingNew.com on my upcoming book The Entrepreneurial Instinct (McGraw-Hill, Sept 14 2012) on how to take risks without the angst …

How to Take a Risk
By Kimberly Weisul

Sometimes, you just have to make a leap. And sometimes, you just can’t.

Monica Mehta always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She got her B.S. from Wharton, worked in private equity, and spent her free time evaluating business plans. “I felt like I had checked off every box to be an entrepreneur,” says Mehta, now a private equity investor. The problem: “Taking that final leap of faith…Risk-taking is not something you learn in school.”  Read more at OneThingNew.com

Fox Business: Have big banks learned their lesson?

Were the bank bailouts a mistake or an essential? It was a point that the Fox All Stars couldn’t remotely agree upon.  Whether financial reform enacted since Lehman has helped Washington put on a good face with the pubic on enact meaningful change on Wall Street is also yet to be determined.  The Fox All Stars discussed this and more with Neil Cavuto.

Fox Business: What’s next for markets?

Summer has been anything but sleepy, thanks to our friends across the Atlantic. Will the mess in Europe creep further West? I discussed market predictions and more with Neil Cavuto and the Fox Business All Stars

Fox Business Cavuto: A Tax on Fido (Mamma Mia!)

Italian Parliament actually debated a bill to start taxing pets (well, their owners to be more exact), in order to bridge fiscal shortfalls.  Instead of drawing a line in the sand and dealing with their underlying spending problem, ideas like this are hair brained enough to be worthy of the Scooby Doo crew.  Is this state of desperation a vision of the future for America? I discussed this and more with Neil Cavuto and Fox Business All Stars.

Fox Business: Higher taxes the solution to US debt problem?

If politicians that make budget cuts area threatened with recalls (ahem, Wisconsin), is there any incentive in Washington for fiscal responsibility? My recent discussion with Neil Cavuto and the Fox Business All Stars on debt, paying it down and finding fiscal stability as a nation.

Apple’s wild ride

Apple’s stock has had its shares of ups and downs in the past two months. Overvalued or priced just right?  Monica Mehta speaks with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

Does an ‘all you can fly airline’ have wings?

It’s great to see some creativity in the aviation space, and not just with new ways to jam passengers with fees. Upstart Surf air is launching regional service between Los Angeles and San Francisco following a membership only all you can fly model that is sure to turn heads.  Monica Mehta speaks with Fox Business’s Elizabeth MacDonald to discuss this and more.